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or "The wall".

This collection explores the aesthetics of the country JEB is currently living in, Romania, and translates his own interpretation.

" La taille, la maille, le bleu de travail". Workwear jackets seen on the factory workers, new and innovative knitting structures , old-fashioned shaped trousers worn by old men in the street, every detail observed in this special country can be found in this Spring/summer collection.

After the fall of dictator Ceaucescu, and after years of communism obliging grey buildings,  walls have been painted in bright colours to celebrate freedom. 30 years later, the colours have faded, giving every wall a magnificent worn-out colour, applied to this collection's colour palette.

In this collection, every yarn is  factory- waste,  stock-based 100% cotton , making the collection completely sustainable. The fabrics are sourced in Romania and Bulgaria , using exclusively plant based materials and stock service.

The collection is available to pre-order and will be produced depending on orders, so as to avoid over-production and increased waste.

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